About Cartech

At Cartech we are dedicated technicians who work in a professionally equipped and managed environment. Our priority is to ensure you are happy with your vehicle and to keep you safely on the road with a minimum of inconvenience.

What do we offer

We are a professional business situated on the North Shore for over 20 years. We are motoring specialists and we believe in three things:

  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Customer satisfaction

Safety and Quality

We keep up to date with the latest technology and changes to the law which affect our industry.

We’re trained not just to meet minimum standards, but also to exceed them.

Customer Satisfaction

We are obliged to deal with you courteously, fairly and honestly, and if you’re not happy with the service we want to know. Email us at: (Enable Javascript to see the email address)

#Contact Us
118 Sunnybrae Road, Glenfield
Open Monday-Friday
8am - 5.00pm
Phone: 09 443 5761
E-mail: (Enable Javascript to see the email address)