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Viezu technicians have developed a unique range of tuning services which can deliver the very best in tuning. They provide significant gains in the feel and drive-ability of the car.

What we are able to do is access the hidden potential of the vehicles ECU and make theĀ  car more fun to drive, more responsive, more powerful and in many cases more fuel efficient.

This can make the car stand out and give you a strong selling point over the competition.

In terms of gains in power and torque the following rule of thumb applies (although actual results may vary slightly).

Petrol non-turbo cars:

8-12% gain in maximum power & torque, although bigger gains may be made across the mid range. Fuel economy should remain the same for small to mid-sized engines and for large engines ie: V8 and V10 better fuel economy is expected. Audi 4.2 V8 average gain is 10% fuel economy.

Petrol Turbo cars:

18-22% gains are expected in maximum power & torque changing the driving characteristics of the car markedly. Under normal driving the economy should remain very similar to pre-tuning however with more ‘spirited driving’ of course we would expect economy to drop a little.

Diesel Turbo vehicles:

18-28% is the increase expected here. The late model turbo diesel cars and SUVs have huge hidden potential and never cease to amaze customers on what can be achieved. Fuel economy in most cases on a ‘full tune’ will get better 3-5% however we are also able to offer the ‘economy diesel tune’ which will gain around 15-18% power and torque but we also guarantee a minimum economy increase of 10% and generally we achieve 15%. Late model diesel vehicles are hugely under rated in our opinion. With tuning they are quicker, more responsive and even more economical to operate than petrol vehicles.
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